Series 2 - Toby Hadoke

“Very, very funny” – The Guardian

“Likeable, self-deprecating and armed with impeccable timing” – The Dubliner

“A comedy genius” – Metro

“Eddie Izzard fused with the wrath of Tony Hancock” – SNS Online


Actor, writer, stand-up comedian and champion of BBC Television’s Doctor Who, Toby Hadoke, joins Nick Randell on the SNS Online chaise longue for an hour of chortle and chat, music and mirth, caves and monsters and plenty more timey wimey escapism! But will Toby take the ultimate challenge when offered a rare chance to sit in a certain infamous black chair? (No, not the plastic one the Master used to kill McDermott in Terror of the Autons…) Yes, Doctor Who Mastermind…is calling!


Toby also talks openly about his ongoing battle with the skin condition, psoriasis, which he describes as eczema for middle class people.



“Will Toby escape the time trap?
What is the secret of the Paradon Spheres? 
Will Final Score ever finish so we can watch Doctor Who?”


With a liberal side order of Geek Chic, how could you possibly resist such an invitation? So join SNS Online in the company of Toby Hadoke, via this link or free download for your future pleasure.



A donation has been given to The Psoriasis Association


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