Series 3 - Puppet Rebellion

“There’s a huge buzz in Manchester around Puppet Rebellion. To see a crowd singing along to a band that can count its gigs on both hands is a sign of greater and bigger things to come.” – Louder Than War

“There’s a feeling when you listen to the EP that it isn’t designed to slowly grow on you, it’s almost as if it doesn’t want to wait for that, it’s not going to politely sit and wait for you to mull it over and decide if it’s interesting or not – it’s going to grab you by the unmentionables and take you on a quality ride.” – Given To Sound

“Puppet Rebellion are destined to be big. Huge. Gargantuan. Gi-frigging-normous. Susan Boyle’s-monobrow massive” – Bleach & Cologne

“Awesome anthems of our time with videos to match – insanely satisfying” – SNS Online

To coincide with the release of their brand new (and frankly, spellbinding) track, ‘Fragments’, SNS Online caught up with the critically acclaimed *Puppet Rebellion at a gig in London recently to talk about all their success to date, inspirations for their music & lyrics, and what the future holds – both in the studio and on the road.

Fully illustrated with tracks from their EPs to date.

We also speak to Mat O’Brien and Stuart Minshaw about the work they’ve done in translating Puppet Rebellion tracks into outstanding music videos.

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Dark Thoughts

Five new stars shine in the sky tonight. RIP Viola Beach.