Series 4 - Changing Stations

Changing Stations is a crowd funded, 11-track classical-contemporary album by Daniel Liam Glyn, based on the 11 main lines of the London Underground.

Daniel identifies himself as someone who has both Grapheme Colour and Spatial Sequence Synaesthesia; a neurological ‘phenomenon’ where a person perceives words, letters, shapes, and numbers in colour or sometimes taste and smell. This he has used to his advantage in the creation of his debut album – a truly multi-sensory experience that transports us to all corners of England’s capital city, allowing us to experience the sights, sounds and even smells of London, as well as the hidden thoughts and emotions of London’s daily commuters.


In this show we join Daniel, producer, Katie Tavini, and their Manchester based launch party for Changing Stations, to find out more about this incredible project.

Illustrated with extracts from Changing Stations.