Series 4 - Color Theory

‘Color Theory’ (def.) – Retro-nostalgic, heartfelt…synthpop!


Color Theory is the musical alter ego of American singer-keyboardist-songwriter, Brian Hazard. With no less than 9 studio albums to his name, a Lennon Award (plus grand prize in the electronic category of The John Lennon Music Contest) and 2.71 million followers on Twitter, Brian is one of the most creative and imaginative musicians in the business. His nods to bands like Depeche Mode, The Pet Shop Boys and OMD are all produced with a fresh, vibrant energy – offering up some very original results, whilst other tracks have their roots in musical theatre – all sung with Brian’s beautifully pure trademark voice.


In this extended addition of SNS Online, we head to California to talk to Hazard about his long career to date in music, plus his mastering work with other artists.