Happy 60th Birthday, Blue Peter

Following on from our interview with legendary Blue Peter Editor, Biddy Baxter MBE, we are proud to help celebrate the iconic show’s 60th birthday, by focusing on how it is today! Nick Randell heads up to Salford to watch a show being produced, whilst speaking to presenters, Lindsey Russell, Radzi Chinyanganya, as well as current Editor, Ewan Vinniecombe.


Many thanks to Ewan and the whole Blue Peter team at BBC Salford.




Episode focused on was ‘Blue Peter 27.10.18 Sports Badge Finale’


Dedicated to the memory of John Noakes – Blue Peter’s first daredevil.


Thanks to Pansombat Suthep.

"Rise Up, Women!" Biddy Baxter MBE

In celebration of 60 glorious years of what is officially the most popular children’s programme of all time, BAFTA award winning Blue Peter Editor, Biddy Baxter MBE, joins Nick Randell in the studio to talk in-depth about a show that was only intended to run for six weeks as a summer filler!

Fully illustrated. Includes The Soundtrack of Your Life.

Blue Peter letters read out by Derek Clark, Neva Missirian, Nathan Dodd, Charlotte Dodd, Dominic Delargy, Sarah Crawley, Sylvia Delargy Crawley, Nick Delargy Crawley, Victoria Hastings, Nishtat Ladha, Mike Regaard, Hala Hindawi, Tom Burchell, Gwenllian Glyn, Fiona Fairmaner, Danny Cox, Kathy Clugston and Marion Marshall.

With thanks to the BBC and Pansombat Suthep.