The Five Debaters

help celebrate 10 years of a show that began on Irish national radio back in October 2008 (before evolving into the online incarnation we know today), four past guests and one presenter have been removed from their rightful places in time and space to assemble in the SNS Online studio and reflect on how things, including their own lives, have changed in the last 10 years. It’s a lively debate covering #MeToo, Operation Yewtree, Brexit, Veganism, Trump, environmental issues inc. plastic waste, the first female Doctor Who, #LGBTQ issues, technology inc. smart phones/Alexa/Seri and much more. Presenter, Nick Randell, throws his script away and tries to join in.

It’s the best dinner party conversation you could possibly hope to eavesdrop on!


Guests are Katy Manning, Paul Joseph, Gail Renard and Andy Cast.