Series 8 - Golden Age Theatre Company


Award-winning Golden Age Theatre Company returns with eighteen new monologues about love, death, revenge and other – to quote the company themselves – ‘serious matters’.
Company creator and writer of all output to date, Ian Dixon Potter, speaks to Nick about this brand new run post Lockdown, featuring nine double bills at the Hen & Chickens Theatre in Highbury.

30th June – 10th July 2021 7.30pm


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Corona Chronicles No.19

Series 3 - Good King Richard

History is always written by the victor. After Henry Tudor defeated Richard III at the battle of Bosworth, Tudor historians created the elaborate fiction of a deformed usurper who schemed and murdered his way onto the English throne. But who was the real Richard III?

Playwright, Ian Dixon Potter, attempts to set the record straight by presenting a more balanced historical view of Richard III, a view that doesn’t conform to the grotesque character created by William Shakespeare in the sixteenth century.


Drawing on contemporary sources, unsullied by Tudor propaganda, ‘Good King Richard’ dramatises for the very first time, the true events which propelled Richard onto the throne of England and two years later, led to his downfall.


This is a tale of murder, betrayal, rebellion, revenge and political intrigue, starting with the drowning of the Duke of Clarence in a butt of Malmsey and ending on the eve of the Battle of Bosworth.

Series 3 - Bitesized - Boy Stroke Girl

Can you fall in love with someone without knowing their gender?

In ‘Boy Stroke Girl’, Peter finds out when he falls for the sexually ambiguous ‘Blue’. But will such a relationship proves a challenge to Peter’s identity, forcing him to face some difficult questions? To what extent are we all encouraged to conform to narrow culturally defined stereotypes, to label and to pigeon-hole ourselves?


Peter’s passion for Blue provokes prejudice and hostility from friends and family, in a tale of sexual liberation and shattered taboos.


SNS Online returnee. Ian Dixon Potter (Good King Richard), has written a nuanced and challenging love story for our time. Earlier this week, we headed to the rehearsal rooms of The Tommyfield public house to speak to the actors, Lai-Si Lassalle, Gianbruno Spena, Katrina Allen and Duncan Mason, as well as director, Courtney Larkin, to find out about this extraordinary new production.