Back To The Future Musical/Adelphi Theatre

GREAT SCOTT!! Back To The Future Musical was just spellbinding! Not only a fitting homage to one of the most cherished film franchises of the 80s, but SO much more, and brought to life quite beautifully – also spectacularly – on stage. 

Wonderful performances all round, with ‘on the nose’ nods to their movie counterparts. Particular mention must go to Olly Dobson as Marty McFly, Roger Bart as Doc Brown and Hugh Coles as George McFly, who all take to their pre-ordained parts and run with it. Plaudits too must go to Lighting Designer, Tim Lutkin, Video Designer, Finn Ross and ‘Illusion Designer’ (for which there were many), Chris Fisher, as well as director, John (Urinetown) Rando, who ultimately pulled it all together. 

To quote Ben Tedds on Twitter, “The musical blurs the lines between film and theatre so closely that it may have accidentally created a new medium.” You’ll have to be there to truly appreciate his words.

Mesmerising/high octane sequences inc. holographic light projection & VERY special effects – plus no red marker pens through any of the more complicated scenes from the movie – ALL replicated…and more! And no spoilers here about ‘the car’, but…wow… The. Car!! 

BTTF’s original creator’s, Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, both have their names on this shiny new production, which quite rightly adds a stamp of authenticity to the proceedings. 

Added to the mix are a number of cracking songs with choreography to match – also some hilarious tongue in cheek 4th wall shattering moments. By the end the standing ovation said it all.  

One of the most genuinely entertaining nights of theatre we’ve seen in years, with the emphasis very much on FUN. And so what if it’s a shameless crowd pleaser? Just let all your hairs hang out (as they say in the Hampshire Borders)…and enjoy!

Now – to go back in time and watch it all again…


4.5 out of 5.0 stars