Antoni Fletcher-Goldspink

Antoni Fletcher-Goldspink

July 8, 2022 Nick 0

A good friend of SNS Online’s, Antoni Fletcher-Goldspink (also known under acting name Anthony Townsend), has sadly passed away aged 50. Antoni was diagnosed with […]

Ay Up, Hitler!

Ay Up, Hitler! (New writing)

September 27, 2021 Nick 0

Gamma Ray Theatre Performed at The Bridge Theatre, Penge West. 21st – 25th Sept 2021. Where does one possibly start with Ay Up, Hitler!? Well, […]


My 2021 Edinburgh Fringe

August 20, 2021 Nick 0

Jackie Burnham, former teacher, childminder and children’s entertainer, give us her take on this year’s Edinburgh Festival.

Welcome to SNS Online

June 11, 2019 Nick 0

GREAT SCOTT!! Back To The Future Musical was just spellbinding! Not only a fitting homage to one of the most cherished film franchises of the 80s, but SO much more, and brought to life quite beautifully – also spectacularly – on stage.