Series 6 - SNS Online Yearbook 2019

SNS Online proudly present our very first bumper packed Yearbook, showcasing some of the very best highlights from Series 6, and featuring a veritable cornucopia of special guests from the world of arts and entertainment! We also turn the spotlight on some important life related issues, including mental health, race, LGBTQ+ and disability.


Brimming with hilarious anecdotes, career highs/lows and those all important life changing moments, SNS Online’s 2019 Yearbook is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with what we do and allow yourself to graze through Series 6’s 20 shows, enjoying some truly wonderful moments via our many special guests.


Featuring John Challis, Linda La Plante CBE, Louise Jameson, Thomas Mahy, Robert Chevara, Jonny Benjamin MBE, Anthony Townsend, Mickey Fisher, Tariq Jordan, Waj Ali, Deli Segal, Kai Spellman, Bevan Thomson, Troy Chessman, Brad Wolfe, Armistead Maupin, Dame Esther Rantzen DBE, Michael Armstrong, Joseph Williams, Daniele Lul, Son of Atutu, Ruthie Adamson/’Wonky Wordsmith’, Marion Marshall, Paul Burston, Liz Hyder, Carmen Harris, Chris Hawley and David McCulloch.


The last in the series.