Series 2 - Bitesized - Honeytrap

“…an exceptional, essential debut from (Rebecca/director) Johnson, one that should reward her with the attention that she so obviously deserves…” HEYUGUYS (08.05.2015)


4* star rating from The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw.


HONEYTRAP is a tragic teen romance, set in Brixton and inspired by true events. It tells the story of 15-year-old Layla, who sets up the boy in love with her to be killed.

The film explores the jigsaw of elements which allow gang culture to flourish, but it’s also a story on a mythic scale: set in a world with its own kings and queens, a world where obsession and jealousies loom larger than life and where status is survival itself.


In the week of its UK release, associate producer, Paul Joseph, joins SNS Online to discuss the diary of this very special production