Doctor Who: Flux (BBC One/Sunday evenings)

As usual I fully expect opinion to be divided on the latest/last episode of #DoctorWhoFlux. But this fan loved every last minute of it! All the disparate strands connected and had clear resolutions, there was high octane action, great characterful moments, wonderful visual effects, on point performances, pathos and mystery in abundance – plus it opened up a whole Universe of future storytelling re. The Timeless Child. 

Okay, there were theories I had about certain characters which, in the end, failed to materialise (well, in this ep anyway!), but I think Chibnall knows exactly what he is doing when anticipating fan’s over active speculation, and then uses that power for EVIL – just to mess with our heads!

And I have to say, Jodie Whittaker just FLIES with her take of the Doctor, taking ownership of the character and earning her rightful claim as a fantastic role model – for women, men and all those in-between (take note, Tory MP, Nick Fletcher!). A great example – and not a massive spoiler for those who haven’t yet seen – is when she is being interrogated, but turns the tables to interrogate the interrogator. When quickly deducing their planet of origin she says,

“Ooh, am I right?! Because you look really cross!!”

Love it. Love her. Love Doctor Who.  Be still my beating hearts ❤️❤️